5 inexpensive ways to improve your reception area

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Having a reception area that looks sharp is important.  This is the first impression that your clients have when they walk through your door.  If money is tight, you can still impress with these 5 simple enhancements.

1.  Paint  Choosing a warm, rich, and inviting color will tell your client that its OK to stay awhile!  Painting your reception area is easy, and generally can be done for about $100.

2.  Get rid of old carpet  If you have concrete floors, then stain them.  This is a really dramatic way to add contemporary elegance to your space.

3.  Add lighting  Track lighting is relatively cheap, and can be used to highlight paintings, plants, etc...

4.  Adornments  Adding decorative shelving can really fill a space.  Use shelving to house awards, book that pertain to your business, or other interesting trinkets for your client to admire while they are waiting.  Pedestals are also another great way to display interesting items.

5.  Plants add life  Even fake plants in a decorative plant convey a sense of freshness and vigor to your business.  They are easily maintained, and are very inexpensive.


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